Friday, April 25, 2014

Ada Limón's poem "Drift"

 Thrush Poetry Journal has just published an anthology of the poets of its first two years. "Drift" by Ada Limón was in the inaugural issue of Thrush in 2011.


Some blur of a bird makes
a kid-like laugh out of sea air
and we, heart-hardy, kick
a crack-up back at it like
the opposite of throwing stones.
Like releasing tiny hot air
balloons up, moon-bound
and hell-bent on defying
the usual gravity of this spin.
Sky, here, we toss a bone
into your open endlessness,
the sound of crackle, a timber
of animal-warmth. Oh let us be
a bird flying wholly for the sake
of flying, to be that breath-
machine that even the anchored
earth-bound wavers want
to root for, want to look up
and say, rally, rally, win.
Ada Limón, Thrush Poetry Journal, 2011
 For information on Ada Limón, visit her website:
 The anthology?  Thrush Poetry Journal: an anthology of the first two years, here (on Amazon) 
 The painting is Roberto Matta's 'La revolte des contraires' (The Revolt of Opposites); 
    Matta is Chilean