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Poems in Print Journals (Incomplete List)
  • "Anxieties" Fairy Tale Review (Emerald Issue) 2014
  • "The Common Ancestor, Chrysanthemum Edition" Boog City, 2013
  • A Legend with Usual Cruelties” Saint Katherine Review, 2012
  • Marilyn Hacker” “Faith & Practice” “Sneaking Around the Multiplex.“ West Wind Review, 2012
  • "Black People Are on My Mind These Days" Mary: A Literary Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2011
  • "Hockney at Bellevue" Parthenon West (Issue 7), 2011
  • "I’m Never Worried About What I’m Worried About" Fifth Wednesday Journal, Spring 2009 
  • "Something's Falling" Threepenny Review 2008
  • "Ask Your Questions Only When the Bus Stops. Drivers Need to Concentrate on the Road." and "All Along Our Way" Pank. #2, 2008
  • "Further Arguments" Minnesota Review Spring 2007
  • "Emily Dickinson Is Jewish" Fine Madness 1998
  • "First Appearance of the Angel Evelyn" ZYZZYVA 1995
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