Thursday, January 27, 2011

. . . and a world derives its origin from its sun [Emanuel Swedenborg, Interaction of the Soul and Body]

Remiel,  one of Swedenborg's angels,
by Jeff Richards
Hexagon Art***
I was raised a Swedenborgian. That's not true but it's not a lie, a conundrum and play that would not have interested the mystic and scientist. After his spiritual revelations beginning in his late 50s, Swedenborg associated with angels daily. He died in 1772 which gave him about twenty-eight years of quality time with the incorporeal.

That's 10,220 days.  That's a lot of contact and many angels however defined explored perceived. Such contact would not incline one to parse simple logical inconsistencies.

His influence on the Transcendentalists substantiates my claim to being raised Swedenborgian. My mom's religion and its leader made use of (I believe it's called "plagiarized") Swedenborg's ideas, and although her reputation is unfailingly tarnished, the ideas of Swedenborg, a century earlier, aren't.  By the way, regarding, Is he mystic or schizophrenic?--The debate bores me.

The blog I discovered is ***Hexagon Art: The Art and Musings of Jeff Richards.  I'll let Richards explain himself. His transcendant art speaks for itself. Try waving particles.

Blake was influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg. Emerson, of course. Imanuel Kant wrote he wanted to put S. in a madhouse.  Score one for Swedenborg.

Note:  All of Swedenborg's texts are online at sacred texts.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the kind words, and for posting my Angel on your blog. How did you find me anyway? In any case, a great pleasure to connect with you and I'll continue to follow your blog.

    Jeff Richards

  2. You're welcome. I was googling Swedenborg, maybe a more specific search, I can't remember. We are led. The Internet is a tool.
    Keep making remarkable artwork.