Friday, January 14, 2011

Foodstuff Friday: holy is the comestible

holy caraway of holy Holland
Holy the pink "sugar" packet, holy the brisk tea,
holy the fizzing soda pop, holy the fresh juice with pulp
like marrow, holy the orange, the grapefruit,
holy of holies the lemon, its rind, its zest, its sour tongue, holy watermelons, holy the seed of slippery truth,
holier than holy the bottomless well of coffee,
its most black majesty, its fatal kiss of cream,
holy the fowl desecrated, humiliated,
the cattle electrocuted, the lamb of God force-fed,
holy the farm-fed, free-roaming, sweetly grazing,
holy t.v. dinners, holy three silver depressions for
the meat-like, potato-like, corn or pea-like,
holy the donut, holy the glaze,
holy the filling gushing to meet your tongue so holy,
holy the jelly oh holy holy the jelly.
Holy the sandwich, the tuna, the leaf of lettuce limp
as a fop, holy the tomato slice thinly red until its last,
holy the cheese, holy the cracker, harvested wheat,
rye seeded with a crescent of caraway, holy
most holy is salt sustaining, destroying life,
holy holy holy are tacos, enchiladas, burritos
sacred with green meadow of cilantro, holy pad Thai,
holy the shepherd's pie, holy the beet
glorious and shining no matter, no matter,
holy the crust deep like a dream,
if you love thin-crust sing hallelujah!,
holy the cupcake, holy the cake, its layered
insanity, why two, why three, why icing thick
and heavy as guilt, holy the plant of egg, holy the breading,
holy the rigatoni, holy the surprise of feta,
holy the phyllo many-layered, swiftly
crunched. Holy holy holy the potluck, the crap-
shoot of meals, the company, the fork holy and knife
holy, holiest paper napkin,
holy are you today and all days, holy your life, holy.

inspired by yesterday's posting on Ginsberg & Merton

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