Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin and Joseph McCarthy: reprehensible

Joseph McCarthy Destroyed
Sarah Palin has responded to criticisms of her Map of Her Enemies Featuring Handy Target Sights. No matter that one of the target sights was hammered by a glock on Saturday. No matter that nineteen people were wounded and six died, one a nine-year old girl.

What really matters, according to Palin, is her sacred constitutional right to foment hatred is upheld. That's her response: she can say what she wants 'cause the constitution said she could. I'm beyond dumbfounded by her lack of compassion, depth or insight; by her inability to admit to consequence; by her headstrong and childish refusal to acknowledge her plan-of-action is flawed.

Palin has a Plan A, and no Plan B. No back-up. THIS is a woman who wants to be in the White House and make decisions of consequence to the world? 

According to Palin, all that happened this weekend was that Sarah Palin exercised freedom of speech in one state and in another there was a terror rampage.  Not that the nation went into shock.  Not that most of us shed tears for the dead, the wounded and for the collateral damage to Americans.

It's not just that she doesn't budge, but that she doesn't understand implications. She doesn't understand connection. We are all connected. 

Palin is remarkably mono-dimensional. Stupid. Callous. Dangerous. Hardened. And sad. Really really sad, like Joseph McCarthy. I am waiting for her colleagues to say what McCarthy's Senate colleagues said of his blacklisting:  Sarah Palin's actions are "inexcusable," "reprehensible," "vulgar and insulting."

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