Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karl Marx Is Lost (but Will Be Found)

Though the Germans, the French and then, I believe, the Belgians worried Karl Marx had too keen a perception of reality (wherein the rich do not get poor) and therefore should live in the next country over, I don't recall reading of midnight dashes across cobblestones smeared with proletariat sweat as he and his family moved on.

Neither was he hid by trusted fellow travelers (who wouldn't have been traveling) (or how could they offer hospitality?). However, Marx in New York is a whole different historical event.  The event includes one Sarah Sarai who has mentioned Marx quite a bit the past few days. Alas, she cannot find Isaiah Berlin's biography, so aptly titled, San Diego on $10 a Day (NO, Karl Marx) and so won't being saying any more about Marx today.  

Tune in tomorrow, however, when order is restored to the living quarters of this poet and fiction writer.