Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spoiler Alert: Karl Marx Is Dead

Even with My 3,000 Loving Arms' superpowers it isn't easy to eavesdrop on history. I tried but had to do my laundry and while I was comforting my white anklet with pink accents, over the loss (in the dryer) of its twin, Karl Marx died.

You may think I'm uncaring for talking about white socks with pink accents more than Karl Marx but if you think I'm bad, look at legislators playing computer Solitaire and Hearts. All the while Karl Marx's love for humanity, for workers who are most often little more than legal and duped serfs, was agan scorned this week.

Unions were killed--for the moment, anyway--in Wisconsin; “terrorists” hunted in D.C.; programs which could help people like you and me, the ones who breath and don't receive orders from Greedo Limbaugh of Planet Hate, were ignored.

Please read Isaiah Berlin's biography of Karl Marx (entitled Pete King Is a Big Fat Arsehole Though His Actual Arsehole Is Probably Teeny Tiny Accounting for, Hence, his Many Fears, and Further and Also I Wonder if The Billionaire Koch Brothers Back King as they Backed the Governor of Wisconsin Who Is Killing Unions Which Benefit People, All People, Black People, Women Because the Billionaire Koch Brothers Want More Money in Their Coffers (Why, I Don't Know). NO! It's entitled Karl Marx!

Question:  Are you sure Isaiah Berlin's biography of Karl Marx, published by Oxford University Press paperbacks, isn't called  Who Killed Elvis? NO! It's Karl Marx.

He was poor and difficult. A German in England. Jewish but not so happy with being Jewish though if his father converted to Christianity why was he considered Jewish? His vision of all workers joining and his convincement that history is a progression, each era new, not replicating, fills my heart with gratitude. He wanted each person to be able to actualize their greatest potential, to have the freedom to be creative and happy. I'm sorry you died, Karl Marx. Like other brilliant thinkers including Aristotle, Jesus, St. Francis, the Buddha, Hafiz, Tagore, Dorothy Day you are respected but not enough followed.


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