Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ladies & Proud Possessors of a Penis: DaDA & Three Rooms Press

To your left, ladies and proud possessors of a penis, is the cover of MaiNtENaNt5. I got my copy Friday night at the annual DaDA festival, soiree, reading and publishing event at the Cornelia Street Cafe on (multiple choice) 1) Street Street; 2) Cafe Street; or Cornelia Street.

The cover (on your left) is designed by Kat Georges of Three Rooms Press. It is beautiful not unlike, or in fact, like the entire journal also Kat Georges' designed. Cover art -Shark- by Paolo Pelosini. Like a poem, it's found, but of metal.

If you glance at MaiNtENaNt5's table of contents which is not on your left but in the journal, you will find over 120 poets and artists, alas, not in the flesh as there is no copy machine large enough to duplicate so many internal organs and the like. Nonetheless, that's a hunka DaDA, which, as you may recall, was the child of the brains of antiartists, unartists, uberartists of various antibourgeois stripes, plaids, ribbons, bassoons, mimeographs, Plantagenets, corpuscles, pacifists and Zurich.

I was kindly allowed to be one of the readers last Friday night, as I am one of the over 120. The kindly was provided by aforementioned Kat Georges and co-editor Peter Carlaftes. Click on the first mention of Three Rooms Press for details.

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