Fictives + I Am Interviewed

Short stories, online and/or in print

  1. "Russkia" forthcoming in a wolf/bear anthology. TBD.
  2. "With Y as an Absence of Pain" in Cleaver. 2017
  3. "The Belonger's Tale." CALLISTO. Sibling Rivalry Press. 2017
  4. "Fairness." New Madrid, Vol XI, Number 2, Summer 2016
  5. "Found Wanting." Wilderness House, Vol 10, Issue 2. 2015
  6. "The Young Orator." Winged City Press (now Argus House). 2014: A fiction chapbook. Available as e-book.
  7. "Ride Like the Wind." Gravel (University of Akansas). February 2014
  8. "Keeping Me Warm." Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, Fall 2013
  9. "She's Leaving Home." Homestead Review (Hartnell College) (print journal, also online) 2013
  10. "Who's for Jesus." Unlikely Stories, 2013
  11. "Curtains." Belletrist Coterie, 2012 (republished HERE)
  12. "Far Star Girl." Pangur Ban Party, 2012
  13. "Lillia." Devil's Lake (University of Wisconsin), Spring 2012. (Nominated for a Best of the Net)
  14. "An Archive of Paranormal Inquiry Into Coping." The Writing Disorder Summer 2011
  15. "Napoleon on the N-page.", 2010
  16. The Devil Is Her Friend.” Stone's Throw Review, Spring, 2010
  17. Letters, Crones Dont Worry Of.” Fairy Tale Review: The Aquamarine Issue. University of Alabama Press. 2009 (print, so I reprinted it HERE)
  18. "The Amazon Mountains of Tibet." Storyglossia, 2008
  19. "Speak Up, Voice." Weber Studies (Weber University) Spring/Summer 2006
  20. "Stars." VerbSap 2005
  21. "Approximating Desired Fervency." South Dakota Review, University of South Dakota/Vermilion, Summer 2002 (republished H.ERE)
  22. The Wild Night I Was Born.” Tampa Review: 23. University of Florida/Tampa 2002 (republished HERE)
  23. "Vows." (first published in The Written Arts (King County Arts Commission)—print, 1989; republished here)
  24. “Lost and Found***Three Quick Tales of Love and Yearning***” The Antigonish Review. Summer 1992 (republished HERE)
  25. “Blessed One.” Raven Chronicles. Seattle, Washington. Spring 1993
  26. “A Dog Barks.” stet. Boston, MA. Winter 1993
  27. “Jordan Jones, Then and Now.” West. Hampshire College. Summer 199 (reprinted HERE and retitled "Using It."
  28. “Aren’t They Wonderful? Don’t They Feel Good?” Bellowing Ark. Seattle, WA, 1989
  29. “Dream Bed.” The Written Arts. King County Arts, Seattle, WA. 1988 (republished HERE)
  30. “Washing.” Webster Review. Webster University. Fall 1988 (republished HERE)
MFA, Fiction, Sarah Lawrence College.


Jon Riccio, poet & a Fairy Tale Review editor interviews me at The Volta
Poet and radio host Anne Fiero interviewed me on WKCR (Columbia University). A friend told me that she felt good about life after listening to this podcast. My impressions, 9.3.2010, Podcast, WKCR, Sarah Sarai Interviewed.