Short stories, online and/or in print

  • "The Young Orator" Winged City. 2014: A fiction chapbook. Available as e-book or in print.
  • "Ride Like the Wind" Gravel (University of Akansas). February 2014
  • "Keeping Me Warm" Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, Fall 2013
  • "She's Leaving Home" Homestead Review (Hartnell College) (print journal, also online) 2013
  • "Who's for Jesus" Unlikely Stories, 2013
  • "Curtains" Belletrist Coterie, 2012 (republished HERE)
  • "Far Star Girl" Pangur Ban Party, 2012
  • "Lillia" Devil's Lake (University of Wisconsin), Spring 2012. (Nominated for a Best of the Net)
  • "An Archive of Paranormal Inquiry Into Coping" The Writing Disorder Summer 2011
  • "Napoleon on the N-page", 2010
  • The Devil Is Her Friend” Stone'sThrow Review, Spring, 2010
  • Letters, Crones Dont Worry OfFairy Tale Review: The Aquamarine Issue. University of Alabama Press. 2009 (print, so I reprinted it HERE)
  • "The Amazon Mountains of Tibet" Storyglossia, 2008
  • "Speak Up, Voice" Weber Studies (Weber University) Spring/Summer 2006
  • "Stars" VerbSap 2005
  • "Approximating Desired Fervency" South Dakota Review, University of South Dakota/Vermilion, Summer 2002 (republished HERE)
  • The Wild Night I Was Born.” Tampa Review: 23. University of Florida/Tampa 2002 (republished HERE)
  • "Vows" (first published in The Written Arts (King County Arts Commission)—print, 1989; republished here)
  • “Lost and Found***Three Quick Tales of Love and Yearning***” The Antigonish Review. Summer 1992 (republished HERE)
  • “Blessed One.” Raven Chronicles. Seattle, Washington. Spring 1993
  • “A Dog Barks.” stet. Boston, MA. Winter 1993
  • “Jordan Jones, Then and Now.” West. Hampshire College. Summer 199 (reprinted HERE and retitled "Using It."
  • “Aren’t They Wonderful? Don’t They Feel Good?” Bellowing Ark. Seattle, WA, 1989
  • “Dream Bed.” The Written Arts. King County Arts, Seattle, WA. 1988 (republished HERE)
  • “Washing.” Webster Review. Webster University. Fall 1988 (republished HERE)
MFA, Fiction, Sarah Lawrence College.