Friday, September 3, 2010

Podcast: WKCR, Sarah Sarai interviewed

In July (or so) this year, on a rainy Sunday I took the 1 train up to the offices of WKCR at Columbia University.

The day alternated downpour and sprinkle. Occasional radiance. I didn't think of it at the time, but this was the neighborhood, looking over to the blue-shining Hudson between brick buildings and mossy strips of Riverside Park, that had me creating ways to describe a cloud a few years ago. I'd been freelancing in the university Trustees office.

This Sunday I left enough time to stop off and arm myself with iced coffee; the afternoon was muggy and compliantly hot (cold and muggy?) and I rattled ice cubes as I climbed stairs to the studio. Anne and I chatted. She surprised me by naming poems she'd like to hear from The Future Is Happy. She'd clearly prepared. Nervous and new to interviews I asked for a few retakes of poems I stuttered through. Indulgent and then businesslike, Anne got me talking.

"The deal of it is" (as I write in "A Clairvoyant Cartography," one of the poems Fiero requested), she's smart and funny and a dream interviewer.

From her Web site: Anne Cammon Fiero "curates a literary edition of the weekend radio show Studio A on WKCR FM New York, featuring contemporary works of poetry, fiction and new music in a choreographed, experimental format that transforms the written and spoken word into engaging cultural programming."

This will get you to Sarah Sarai as podcast. The undisguised link is

Happy listening, friends.


from "A Clairvoyant Cartography":

The deal of it is
Aristotle wrote it was heart
and not brain cranking think power,
a clairvoyant cartography of mind and body.

from The Future Is Happy (BlazeVOX)

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