Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Need a Really New World Order: Today's the day

Roman Verotsko's "Cloud of Unknowing"
Willow and Squirrel are sad today.

Willow is on the second cushion of the cushion tree, staring at me.

Squirrel is in the bathroom doing water. I turn the faucet in the sink on a little and leave the room.

Willow has moved to the third tier. Regal Willow has lost interest in me.

I can tell you this. A tiny stream of water cascading from a faucet is crack to Squirrel. He will eventually saunter like a disaffected teen.

Oh, no. Willow repositioned. She's back to staring. All hail.

Everyone spends today in their own way. There is a list of the fallen so long reading it would consume civilization.  Odd, as civilization usually consumes us.

We need a really new world order.

If today is about anything it is about that really new world order. Where is it?  I'm tired of waiting for Heaven.


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