Sunday, September 19, 2010

All the treasures in Ali Baba's cave: Joe Milford's Poetry Show

You know the frustration of being "interpreted"? Like you say "Huh, the sky is blue" and you are suddenly "really observant" "have your head in the clouds" "depressed" "stating the obvious" "a lover of the now." 

As with Anne Fiero, who interviewed me at WKCR (see my Interviews tab), he shows me my poems are not mine. Not to overstate or sound as if I Uriah Heep-like see myself as a humble vessel or servant. I'm not humble in this regard and I don't have the confidence to believe I'm among those chosen by goddesses, muses, shining lights of God's beauty to get the point across.

The point?  That's the point here.  Interviewer Joe Milford sees all sorts of points to my work, all sorts of ideas, weaving, insights and, to simpliy, I am awed and impressed.  Joe is all the treasures in Ali Baba's cave and knows a universal Open Sesame for art.  (He mentioned he was teaching the Arabian Nights in a world lit class.)

As with the WKCR interview, last night's conversation is archived in my lovely "Interview" tab above which I hope will always be available on my My 3,000 Loving Arms and also here.

Search the Joe Milfore Poetry Show's archives. I am the least of these.

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