Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Is Not a Big Puffy Man

Listen. I'm at work and should be working but there is a lack in the bins and so I have a moment to share my Friday thought.

Today's newly instituted "Friday thought" is brought to you, unbeknownst, by Christine in the next office  Which triggers a whole new thought. I have two thoughts now but time to wrote of only one which will be the latter because I've already forgotten Friday thought number one.

Oh! Now I just remembered that extended dream last night, you know, of the big puffy white man who was a killer, a monster killer who followed me and us from one house to another. Finally I dreamed in the suburbs and they were 3-D.  Color and frustration in depth--nice. {For years I dreamed mainly in rooms.}  No one believed me about the killer, at least initially, and as belief spread, ever gradually, there was no response from the authorities.  We had cell phones, for crissakes. We made the calls.

And we were put on hold; told to wait until morning. So we hid and ran though a hedged walkway on the right of the house {looking at it from the backyard, is that stage left?}. Though Kafka-y and frustrating the dream didn't force my heart to beat fast.

Meanwhile, back in reality, I have to make a decision by Monday.  I would prefer not to mention specifics here. Is that what the dream was about?

My Friday thought? Christine, I don't like telling people I'm a writer. Even now that I have a book out I tend to hide, not a good thing; characterologic and uninteresting. Why hide, Sarah Sarai?  I hid from the monster in the dream but there came a time my pushy insistence surfaced and I told everyone the big puffy man was hiding and dangerous.

Is poetry a big puffy man?  I'm guessing NO.  Does any of this make sense?  I thinking WHY NOT. Should I check the rack for work?  NAH.  John in my office just did.  Would it be neighborly to tell Christine I write poetry and fiction?

YES, it would be.  I'll wait until next week.  She's out of here in half an hour.  I'm here at work until ten but out of here, this posting, now.

p.s. Puffy Sean Combs isn't the only puffy man on Google Images.

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