Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011

Last night I wrote my 2010 list of accomplishments, some personal, small improvements of character; some literary, an unusual number of new short stories in '10. Some more literary, poems accepted or published. None were financial.

My nows need to be sustained and so I turn my attention to the other practical (the first practical is appreciation of the Great Other; the second practical is embrace of the embraceables in our lives; writing is a third practical, though on some days a person may blaspheme or hurt her loved ones by putting it first).

We'll see what happens.  My rent is paid through 2010, always a good sign. Trivial or flip though it may seem, my heart is open and purring. I feel like I'm growing up, an echoic feeling. Have you felt it before, well you're feeling it again.

Every January 1 I am convinced the future to be in all ways superior to the past, forgetting all I have is the now. The rest is speculation and agreement, theory and fog. Yes, this from the author of The Future Is Happy.


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