Monday, January 24, 2011

More on Nettelbeck: "a brilliant and unique American poet"

1 ex. of Nettelbeck's
mail art*
More on FA Nettelbeck (see yesterday's posting). The man's poems evade Googling which, given the respect he's earned, is admirable in its uniqueness.

It's not that he didn't have a web presence because of course he did, with his blog and generated work.  I found his comments on other artists' blogs, i.e., and others, but not easily.

I did find this in the way of homage, on cranbookdesign dot com, in an interview with Kevin Yuen Kit Lo.

QUESTION: The 11:56 zine is created entirely from content generated by an open call for submission. Was there any particular submission to the Zine that you received which really made you stop and realize that “This is what all your hard work had been for”?

KEVIN YUEN KIT LO:  If I had to select just one submission though, I would choose the poetry submitted by FA Nettelbeck. Nettelbeck is a brilliant and unique American poet, a contemporary of Charles Bukowski and a publisher of such noted poets as Allen Ginsberg, John M. Bennet and William Burroughs. His work has certainly not received the attention it deserves, and we’re hoping to do what we can to correct this. The visual quality of his words is a rich source of inspiration for me, and the fact that he’s allowed me to work with them typographically is incredibly motivating.

*from C Mehrl Bennett's blog Visual Poetry Mailart Exhibit at Skylab: FA Nettelbeck

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