Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Blogger's Oath-Plus excoriating remarks to The Times regarding the Libraries

Like the approximately thirty-eight million other bloggers worldwide, I took the Blogger's Oath, signed the Blogger's Code, acknowledged I had read and agreed with the many stipulations and imperatives when I set up My 3,000 Loving Arms.

{I skipped the paragraphs on Assuming Kitty's Identity, in which are detailed do-s and don'ts for bloggers who sign in as their cat(s) and post photo after photo after photo after photo after photo after photo after photo after photo and so on.}

Not so blithe was I in agreeing to the Bloggers Creed: We Will Bludgeon the World {or in my case, my four followers here, and handful of others from Facebook} With Our Every Thought. That's a big piece o'blog to bite off 'n chew. But yeah, I signed, so here goes. Tonight I have several thoughts.

One concerns that cool, newish frozen yogurt which is costly but comes with fresh fruit or these bouncy little marshmallows not made of marshes but of rice and goop. Man, they're good.

Another thought I have tonight is: I'm tired. Was kind of jazzed yesterday from two evenings of poetry readings. Plus yesterday was Ezra Pound day {See my post: Make It New? regarding Bowery Poetry Center, Bob Holman and turrets}; read another of the Cantos. Didn't sleep well.

The great unraveler sleep wants to have its unraveling way with me, and, my little bloggees, I won't resist.

Oh! One more thing! Overhead at A BRANCH OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY this very day, in reference to my previous blog on Lucy Ricardo:

LIBRARIAN 1: Just do (such and such).
LIBRARIAN 2: I tried, it's not working.
LIBRARIAN 1: Didn't you hear, all the problems have been fixed. I read it in The New York Times.
LIBRARIAN 2: It's not working.
LIBRARIAN 1: We have no more problems. It was in the Times.
SARAH SARAI: Are you being ironic?

{As is always the case when SARAH SARAI is present, a good time was had by all.}

Hey, New York Times! Try some journalism! Press Releases aren't really an indication of investigative technique. Unless you don't think libraries, reading, research, books, reference skills, resources for jobs, CDs, DVDs, computer time, historypoetryfictiobiographyreligionphilsophy Dewey and his Decimal etc. are important. Things still broke. REPORT.

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