Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips for Success!

A discussion arose (like a wind from the east, etc. etc.), as such discussions will, on how to get published - first book, second book, poem in journal, story online . . . It happened on a listserv, I, to which, belong. I posted my first book blog from just down the way (scroll down the way), but also wrote (and now in a pique of self-adoration I quote my very words):

"Advice, after a while, can sound like a Cosmo cover:

*Ten Ways to Get Your Book Published!
*Seven Tips on How to Please Your Publisher!

Maybe we could try for Prevention:

*Lose Five Bad Poems by Thanksgiving!
*Walk Your Book to the Publisher in Thirty Days!
*What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Poetry! (A lot!)"

So Susan Rich, she who has authored The Cartographer's Tongue, Cures Include Travel, and The Alchemist's Kitchen (forthcoming), responded with these three crispy nuggets:

*How to Tell If Your Publisher is the Faithful Kind (Before the Contract is Signed)
*What Your Mother Didn't Tell You About Being a Poet
*How to Believe in Your Own Book (Ten Tips on a More Confident, Lyrical, You)

If you have a handy tip, please share it in a comment. And remember:

*You Too Can Be A Successful Writer! Aim For The Stars And You'll Be All Sparkly!

photo of Edwin Hubble. Title of page: Tips for Success in Observational Astronomy

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