Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earth to Arizona & co.: The last legal immigrants came along the Bering land bridge

Earth to Arizona. The last time there were legal immigrants to America was when peoples of Mongolia, along with elk and other mammals, crossed over the Bering land bridge to Alaska. This was during the last ice age or major glaciation (Wisconsin glaciation). This was a long, long, long time ago.

Let's see. Who else has come to "America"? Well, there were the Conquistadors and priests, who were responsible for genocide of over 60,000,000 – sixty million – native peoples. Those not killed were enslaved or force-converted. Um, the Pilgrims and other religious seekers were immigrants. Not legal immigrants, just people who wanted more freedom. Which they got.

By stealing land. By organizing a government which effectively destroyed a way the way of life for all the legal occupants of this continent. Killed monstrous numbers, and forced the survivors onto reservations. The Pilgrims developed into skilled capitalists.

Oh, and America grew strong through one of the cruelest examples of slavery in world history.

What the hell does anyone, dear Arizona, with the barest smidgen of historical understanding think he or she is doing by declaring anyone else an illegal immigrant?

Stupidity and ignorance, your name is right-wing tea party, Sarah Palin, Fox news, etc., etc., etc.

Read a history book and stop flaunting your ignorance.

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