Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Present a Manifesto; & abide in a pink cloud

Heya . . . I'm Sarah's
pink cloud.*
I do, I present a manifesto. Not here, not today, but I did last night at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Whooo hooo.

Whooo hooo is a scholarly term obscure and quietly, sullenly essential in comprehension of theory, poetic theory, of which I know little, though last night, at the Tendencies series run by Trace Peterson, a doctoral candidate at CUNY, I knew much. I had to. I delivered a manifesto on poetry.

Also manifesto presenting were poet Christopher Schmidt and filmmaker Joel Sachs. I'm still so happy with the evening, my manifesto, my co-presenters, I can't unpink my cloud. I'm in the pink cloud of manifesto presentation, a fuzzy happy space which has little correspondence to "reality" but more to spaces of the mind in which flight--flight--lifts us up and over.

There is a lesson here. See, one evening I got off my rear to go to a reading in Brooklyn because two of the three poets interested me. Tim Peterson was one; we became friends and a year later, a manifesto was born.

I often send out many invitations to my readings, hoping poets who never show up for me will suddenly show up for me. Hoping poets who I show up for will show up for me. They don't. They don't. What I changed was who I asked to come. Who I asked were warm friends and of course they showed.


See you soon, you warm snuggly reader, you. Remember to use your Wonder Woman bracelets to fight negativity and self-pity.

Sarah's pink cloud by Michel Feder. So beautiful.  From the site

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