Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Banal and the Profane

Quick mention of an article-ish by me on the Lambda Literary site.  What I want to mention is, IT'S THERE.

The Banal and the Profane: Sarah Sarai

It's all about me; me detailing a week in my life.  The best part is I was able to include a description of the Poetry Assembly we ran at the Bowery Poetry Club in January. The first such event since Zuccotti Park was de-peopled. (We = Occupy Poetry, a working group of OWS.)

I am fortunate to have been asked to transcribe an approximation of my life, and so I don't let Lambda down, if you want to read the article and then "Like" it, at the end, well, I wouldn't talk you out of it. (Browser-wise, liking is easier, I am told on Mozilla Firefox.)

And while you are there, explore the reviews and fabulous array of articles and events and insights.  subscribe to the Lambda mailing list, too. Send money, send love, send blessings. And more money and more love.

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