Saturday, September 8, 2012

June Jordan, Lady Di, Paris

*See below
I understand the Diana cult but stand outside it. Offered the opportunity to tea-and-crumpet it up with someone legendary, it'd be June Jordan.

From the Random House website, a worthy exclamation: "There aren't any streets or postal holidays named for June Jordan, but she's cherished by and collaborated with her own share of landmarks: she has planned a new Harlem with R. Buckminster Fuller, sipped coffee with Malcolm X, gotten teaching advice from Toni Cade Bambara, co-starred in a film with Angela Davis, and written an opera with John Adams and Peter Sellars. But no June Jordan Day. Yet." (Click on June Jordan, after the poem, to read more.)

Though given how people in-the-flesh can disappoint, I'll take Paris as a stand-in.
Poem on the Death of Princess Diana

At least she was riding
somebody going somewhere
about love
June Jordan, 10/3/97 

*Map from Ninety years of Paris

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