Thursday, December 17, 2015

Being a believer is like loving a career criminal: I am interviewed at The Volta blog

I was interviewed by Jon Riccio, poetry editor at Fairy Tale Review, for The Volta blog. Click here:  INTERVIEW Future & Foremost \\ Sarah Sarai to read it.

Jon's smart questions got me rolling. For instance:
JR: Your book features God, angels, Shiva and saints. To what degree do world religions influence your poetry? 
SS: The Future Is Happy also makes mention of Jodie Foster, Spinoza, Descartes, Aristotle, Denzel Washington, Count Basie, Ingmar Bergman, Jimmy Carter. By “your book features” I take it you mean that The Great Else, the Cosmic Lunacy, God, are given a greatest weight in the collection, something I like hearing yet which makes me nervous. I’ve more or less always been a believer in The Awesome Power. Alas, being a believer is like loving a career criminal, or being one of those women who takes up with the incarcerated. Do dykes do that? You are giving me ideas! Sometimes I am disinterested in poetry that doesn’t reach for wisdom and sometimes I am annoyed with myself for falling into a pit of cleverness. Once a Swedenborgian, on hearing my mother was a Christian Scientist and my father was Jewish commented, “You were released to wander.” Nailed me, in life and writing. 

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