Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Rhetorical Inquiry Into The Moral Certitude Of Cause And Effect [#poem] [#ElevenEleven]

A Rhetorical Inquiry Into The Moral Certitude Of Cause 
And Effect
 Today we picked tulips and

stubbed our big toe and went

to war and lost a bunch a arms

and feet and shit and gunned

down a dozen fifty people

and got tired and took a nap

and had a family and raised

a mess a kids and picked

daffodils and scratched our

finger bad and then we went 
to war. We blew up some big

stuff and little stuff and people

tall and stupid crying babies

and a whole lot a us puked

and we were buried or they

put us on these lame cots and

we got better and met girls

and boys and had families and

glued pink fuzzy bunny ears

on our sister’s headband for

spring assembly and then we

killed a whole lot more people

cause we had to go to war cause

we picked lilies and sneezed and

after you pick lilies and sneeze

or something they send you to

war. Don’t you know anything?

by Sarah Sarai. First published in Eleven Eleven, Issue 5.
Don't know how I missed posting this poem here. From 2006?

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