Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Crew Is Restless and I Am Sick at Heart: a poem

When I smoked (not much), it was Erik little cigars, but not menthol. I bought them at a smoke shop near Baruch College; I discovered them in Amish Country in New Jersey. Visiting with friends who chose to shop the outlet malls, I wanted to walk in the countryside. An Amish farmer sold me my first Eriks. Everyone forms their own resistance movement?

The Crew Is Restless and I Am Sick at Heart

Had to form my own resistance movement.
Had to write, I have good feelings
     about the journey but fear battles with myself.
Had to work black felt to a beret.
Had to suck cinders into swampy bellow.
Had to buy Erik Little Cigars
     from an Amish farmer.
Had to be surprised.
Had to find them on Twenty-Third and Third.
Had to quit.
Had to just had to envision BBC kings
     fighting brother France
     on green-island fields,
     hear hoofbeats of scythed Mongols
     thunder on the steppes.
Had to smile because there is a field
     in battlefield.
But of course there is also a battle. 

by Sarah Sarai. @@@ From the journal, Lyre Lyre. #5, 2013. The site is no longer live, and included in the collection Geographies of Soul and Taffeta (Indolent Books), 2016.

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