Sunday, June 4, 2017

"the need to kill various elves" :Spencer Dew reviews my collection: #poetry

Spencer Dew is impressive. His review in decomP magazinE of my collection Geographies of Soul and Taffeta is no doubt the least of his accomplishments but in my life, the most important. His summations are the very wry he assigns me, and brilliantly so. I will let you read the review for yourself, and hope you will buy and read the book, as well. See below for links. Here is a taste of both book and review. One poem in the collection, Rolling on the Floor Killing Elves, begins with an apparition of discord: 

The elves, the freaking elves.    
They laugh at huge clumsy humans.
Big hands, big feet, and have you seen
our big bent stinky shoes! . . .

Spencer Dew sees the poem's link to the other poems in the book -  so gratifying to the poet - when he sums up by use of a few of my lines thusly: 
“It doesn't take brains, this thing called happiness, but that doesn't make it any less elusive in a world of distractions, represented here by forks in mattresses, the underserved fame of snake, and the need to kill various elves. When Trouble farts, you can smell it, Sarai writes.
...the need to kill various elves. Who among us has not known that?   

Read the review, in decomP magazineE.
Buy Geographies, published by Indolent Books.
Check out Spencer Dew, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Centenary College of Louisiana, currently researching the Moorish Science Temple of American, and author of Songs of Insurgency; Here Is How It HappensLearning for Revolution: The Work of Kathy Acker; and other books.

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