Sunday, October 1, 2017

"An Interrogatory" - In Which Isaiah Sees Seraphim as Did Sarah Sarai #poem

An Interrogatory 

     Nothing but smooth sailing.
     —The Isley Brothers

Those aren’t birds are they are they, 
are they?, or are they insects of an ilk

glowing and hovering hummingbird- 
like though not hummingbird, not bird,

no, I see it, that which I wasn’t seeing, 
a lingering phosphorescence, no

luminescence, oh!, it is incandescence 
and those are seraphim I see, I am

seeing seraphim, six-winged seraphim, 
seraphim having six wings or so said

Isaiah, a seraphim seer, two wings, 
fans over a mighty face, two enfolding feet

and two neon wings to lift them aloft, 
smoothly sail above prophesies for our

tangled times, two wings golden as honey 
is gold, as amber is gold, as transparency

is gold, carry us to a feared eternal now, 
tolerable, almost, when we sing along. 
Sarah Sarai. From Geographies of Soul and Taffeta, published by Indolent Books, 2016.

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