Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama: Not Jesus Christ

Please, liberals, stop telling me you knew all along Obama was a politician -- your sudden awareness based on armchair foreign policy. Your reasons? Because he hasn’t been strong enough on Gaza. Because the bailout’s unfair. Because the troops have not been withdrawn fully and with apology. (No, he hasn’t; yes, it is; wouldn’t that be wonderful: And these situations were not created by Obama.)

Listen, friends. President Obama
is a politician. There was no white puff of smoke in the Vatican chimney on November 4, 2008, so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t elected Pope. He was, after all, a candidate for office, the Democratic candidate, to be specific; the candidate of the Democratic party which is -- whoa, mama -- a political party.

And though it is a bit of a miracle to have a black president, Obama is not a miracle worker. He is not a saint. Get this: Barak Obama is not Jesus Christ.

I am breaking this bit of news here and now, at My 3,000 Loving Arms blogspot.
President Barack Obama is not Jesus Christ. Or Buddha. Or the Prophet. The Prophesied Messiah. Or Shiva & co.

He is not even a baby boomer, and therefore does not experience the knee jerk reactions of so many of my fellow baby boomers who have the self-centered attitude he will be all peace and love as we were (my sometimes shameful generation that booed at incoming Vietnam Vets, preached green and then drove big cars).

So don’t feel good about yourself, Mr. and Ms. Progressive, because you knew it all along, that Obama was just a politician. He
is a politician. He can and will disappoint. And he is the best thing for this country, at least right now.

The minute a decision is made in the Oval Office you don't approve of, have the sophistication and grounding to know it is one of many decisions. It is bad enough for our country and culture to be exposed to comment after comment from ill-prepared and shallow newscasters.  We, as citizens and pundits of our domains don't need to add to the noise.

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