Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fiction: The Devil Is Her Friend

Yay! "The Devil Is Her Friend" is available for your reading pleasure.

Go to: Click on "fiction." Go to end of list (saving the best for last or so I tel myself). There I'll be. Click. OR:

I am very excited this story was accepted and out there, and here. Opening paragraph:
Pearl Miller can’t positive-think her way out of anything, not split ends, not adolescent obscurity, not her parents’ fights. Not even a flaming heat rash. Worse for the increasingly gloomy teenager is her observation that her mother Angelette’s religion, Christian Science, a New England concoction, makes her body seem like a detachable accessory to life, like there is the Real and Eternal, as Mary Baker Eddy wrote, and there is Pearl’s life. So Pearl takes a stand. “This isn’t making sense, I don’t want to go to Sunday School any more.”
What does Pearl do? Read on at the above url!

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