Saturday, August 21, 2010

Erratum regarding cat ownership.

Readers: My post of Friday, August 20, 2010 entitled "This life: My 3,000 Loving Arms comes through on its promise; also Louise Brooks qua cat" incorrectly stated the ownership of "cat."

The photographer of "cat" is indeed Jonathan Morse, but he ("cat") is not of the Morse household. He ("cat") is a store cat.

According to Professor Morse, "He ["cat"] lives at the store where I buy cat food." Holding his (Morse's) Meerschaum at a particularly wry angle, the academic (Morse) added, "And yes, I said he. The store is in a respectable neighborhood, but this cat does spend a certain amount of time trying out the mascara."

Erratum update: I didn't "talk" to Morse but copied his written comment; I made up the Meerschaum.

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