Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gone Fishing (wherein Sarah Sarai stares down our appetite for entertainment)

Aren't jellyfish amazing?
This blog has gone fishing for the day. It's allowed.

I WAS going to post a poem I wrote, no, started, last night and fortunately aha!-ed to the fact I was about to give into the great American appetite for entertainment.

I was ready to sacrifice something (poem, artifact, bit of myself) I believe in--before its time--to please you-all or more likely to please all of ME.

To please.

And if I do that, everything I've ever written or will write could become nothing more than soup of the day on My 3,000 Loving Arms, a five-or-six-or-seven-day-a-week concession to some belief that the space must be filled. This blog is not a daily letter about my life.  It's a daily expression of who I am.

And all of my 3,000 loving arms are, for the rest of the day, twiddling 3,000 thumbs, staring at 3,000 clouds, reading 3,000 books, weeping 3,000 tears, dreaming 3,000 sheep, talking w/3,000 friends, being all the 3,000 me-s, loving 3,000 you-s (and more).

See you tomorrow.

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