Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem: Unreasonable. "These silver nets in my breast?"

From my collection, The Future Is Happy. I have made things happen in my time, but--long view--tonight is always the night.


These silver nets in my breast?
When the moon rises in my throat
I cast them over desire. It's worked.
I've said, “Tonight's the night”
and stars wove a reasonable fate.

Every fate has rotations, and each
friendship. The planets’ are simple
compared to ours, requiring
wiry equations and convincement
the party’s a hoot, or paranoia
(Venus is in the wrong house).

Oh, you want the reasonable fate.
Details, like did he kiss me, and
why didn't I follow through on
women? That door's not closed
and, yes. (With three older sisters,
I may know too much.) My net,
silver in my breast – I draw your
attention to its Arabian magic.

To the date palm so comfortable
outside the Hollywood Bowl, and
brass lamps with dulled bellies to rub,
to sorcerers who are potent before an
innocent new stammering vocabulary.
Tragedy is a shard, pottery, broken
and exhibited for its poignancy.
Life is full, holds water, cracks and
gets repaired. I've gone abstract
(again). What I need is another kiss.

Sarah Sarai, published in The Future Is Happy, BlazeVOX [books], 2009.

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