Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wobbly Me

How's this for a title:  Wobbly Petals

Shake-a shake-a flutter. Flutttttter.

Since I didn't use a question mark you may infer what I implied. It's a good title.

Full:  Wobbly Petals: Sarah Sarai's Princess Di.

 That's from Lisa Howe's blog, Sister Arts: Gardens, Homes, Art, Community.  Earlier this week, Howe, who is a poet, professor, scholar, bon vivant, featured one of my poems, and by featured I mean created ekphrasic art. Responding to "A Bullish Run Into Chambers," published by Fringe, Howe created a lush photo essay and commentary.

That's enough from me.  Please take a look.  Again, Wobbly Petals: Sarah Sarai's Princess Di.

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