Thursday, May 5, 2016

kari edwards / a dark ageless groan / poem

a dark ageless groan 

an ageless tarnished dark. an insane, locked down iron cog, teeth ofthe industrial age. the eternal in tightened steel color sounds.abnormal ageless grinding, accompanied by torturing devices thatnaturally come locked down in minds rotating moving another andanother. a dark ageless groan.

eternal moans, troops with steel things of enterprise, tightened hardaround the original crime of love, parts of the heart fall in agony,locked down as a natural enemy, flowing in waters imperceptible. a cog turns a voice into the soured calculation within. the invention ofcement blocks, rusted in effort, brings flesh eating demons toholocaust number 110023.

then the mechanical age, sound pieces drown down the invention of all movement based on an ancient roman coal furnace, blowing its soot over the efforts of disco.

kari edwards (1954 to 2006). from the journal, eratio: postmodern poetry. issue one, 2003.

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