Saturday, December 10, 2016

"I've been ridden hard and put away wet." from a July Westhale #poem in Thin Noon

You Can Lead a Horse to Water. Repeat.

                           "I want to say, you're good girls,
                             wanting to leave your names behind like that."
                                            -Louise Glück

I'm a working girl, I'm a girlfriend experience.
I dance incurably damned on stage. I'll tell
you I love you more than the moon, you hang
the moon, I'll shoot the moon.
I'll say I adore you to the moon,
and back, the moon is your fault, I'm moony
over you. I'll say, point me to the moon,
and fly me to it. I'm over the moon.
The truth is I mist my panties with a spray bottle.
I rarely see the sky at night.

I've been ridden hard, and put away wet.
That thing about horses is false.
You can give them salt, and they will take it
willingly. They can't forsake salt.
They lick it until they blister, and then
they wear it proud, but secret, inside
their mouths.
By July Westhale. Published in Thin Noon, an online journal from Brown University. 

"Four Interlaced Horses" from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Persian. Safavid Period, early 17th century.

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