Sunday, December 18, 2016

Twitter: Join the Fun. Our Precedent-elect Is There. Follow Me!

Hey! I haven't seen y'all on Twitter, lately! Follow me! I am the way. I am the fork in the road. I am the spoonable woman women want to spoon. All that and, more or less, more!

So, every so often I remember I am on Twitter. I go on the hunt,  rack up new friends and new enemies with my political mini-opines. Or quick, ill-advised judgments. Or fun links. Cats! Anyone like cats? Join the fun! Follow me. 

My hair is not unpleasantly poufy or frightening young children with asymmetry; my skin is not orange; I did not blow an INHERITED million-dollar real estate empire in New York City. You gotta admit. THAT took some special skill, Mr. Precedent-elect.
copy 'n paste:

See you soon.

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