Tuesday, July 25, 2017

O Hear Me, Newspaper Editors! Stop Putting Tweets Front & Center!

Today's homepage of the Guardian online features an article about a Trump tweet. We already know he tweets out shit. That he does what any self-respecting six-year-old would do and creates diversion. We know he likes limelight and headlines and has a seventh icky sense cuing him to opportunities for same.

He doesn't just like attention he amasses it. With the help of witless witting accomplices and the unwitting. A most recent unwitting accomplice is the Guardian journalist Nadia Khomani, who penned the story: Trump Denounces Jeff Sessions for Being 'Weak' on Hillary.

So what? Trump Mutters Under His Breath! Trump Makes a Big Poo Poo on the Toilet! Trump Should Wash His Hands More!

This shit isn't news. And while I don't know the writing of Nadia Kohmani, I see that her other Guardian articles are Britain-related, including Dick Van Dyke's apology for his lousy Cockney accent in Mary Poppins.

Newspaper editors! Newspaper journalists! Enough w/In-depth Coverage of Tweets! You Aid and Abet the Dissolution of Rights as Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution! Really.

I don't have time to read an article about Tweets. I don't. I tire of the president's name, let alone his harangues which are mean-spirited.

Put the news back in newspapers.

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