Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to be positive is trying: keep at it, kid

Here at Silver Lining, Inc., we were considering the fact that each of our 3,000 loving arms had hands and each hand requires a squirt of lotion several times a day; and then we wondered how we could afford enough lotion--we are not cheap when it comes to softness, and carefully read lotion labels {Sidebar: Do you really want a lotion containing drying alcohol, even if they tell you it stabilizes the formula? Answer: Keep shopping)--for lotionary purposes our many hands all of which, like their attendant arms, are loving.

Discouraging, the economics are.

But then we believed in our ability to wrap those 3,000 loving arms around each and every one of you (currently there are 11 followers to my blog, here, on blogspot and another 100 or so from Facebook), so there's arms a plenty. Please note that I'm a good hugger, the kind who emits positive energy that's good to be near, and who'll warmly rub your back. Also, being half Swedish, I have innate talents when it comes to massage. And to massage, come many.

So there. So that's an example of me, I'm sorry, "us," {it's so unprofessional to jump from singular to plural and back, though at least I've pretty much remained the first person and in the first person} turning that lump 'o coal to a diamond, just like Superman did, though I'm not wearing tights or a cape. But there is an S for something-or-other on my heart.

Better believe it. And keep turning coals into Lancaster or Newcastle or lovely warm fires to keep you happy in these brisk months.

Your loving and cheerful blogger: S-S-Sarah

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