Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poem: A Clairvoyant Cartography

The deal of it is
to grow from furiously planted
seed-embryo to human
with sprouted bud toes and worm-
babbling fingers, fish wriggle to
life temporal, reach hazy
for cooing flesh triumphant milky,
spread with delight at the toy,
not lose discarnate intentions
in the cerebral luge.

The deal of it is
100 billion neurons nipping maybe 268 mph,
you might feel jumpy,
ken your system wasn’t designated
nervous for nothing.

The deal of it is
Aristotle wrote it was heart
and not brain cranking think power,
a clairvoyant cartography of mind and body.

life’s a grieving contessa’s veil
shadowed alluring and a gamble
if you’re preset for conventional
beauties. The house always wins,
and tears of joy are a betrayal
when nature guides lemmings,
a confusion because toddling off
a cliff could be the adventure
your neurons ache to spark.

...published in Flaneur Foundry, 2009

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