Sunday, April 22, 2012

Links to a few recent publications.

A Matisse print, included in
Folly.  She looks like a mermaid.

My three poems "Drink, Child," "Stop," and "Palace of the Blessed" are beautifully presented at Folly Magazine. The date of pub. is February 2012, but I didn't know they were out, so now is the time. Folly presents itself as a pdf. Don't hold back.  Your scrolling will reveal delights of performing arts posters, Matisse prints (Folly editors are geniuses to have permission to reproduce this artwork), poems of Stephanie Kaplan Cohen, and my poems. Note that the narrator of "Stop" works in advertising agencies.

(I have lots to say about the poems but why strip them down when you, the reader, can experience and question.)

Like "Stop," my poem "Long ago," published online by 200 New Mexico Poems (and, it is hoped, eventually in an anthology) draws on lived experience, my time (long ago) in Santa Fe.

Fiction (yay!)  Though it's not yet published, may I alert you to the imminent arrival of my short story, "Lillia," in the Spring issue of Devil's Lake, a journal from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'll post links when appropriate.

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