Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ms. Magazine...I'm in a Q&A with Stonborough and Meriam

by Andrea Heimer
Please take a look at the Ms. Magazine blog posting of April 23, 2012. [Link below.]

Mary Meriam, poet and editor of Lavender Review, poses questions for Elaine Stonborough, poet, and me, poet et al.  I'll let you follow the links on the posting (links which reveal splendid insights into Stonborough, who is English and a scholar, and Meriam, who is tri-state-al, those states being New York, New Jersey, and somewhere in a forest region in the middle of this continent).

"A Woman, A Lesbian, A Poet" on the Ms. Magazine blog.  I'm honored to be part of this.


  1. If it’s in your heart, it’s in your art. -- Good stuff, Sarah!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I sound like a boxer, rhyming her way to the ring! xox