Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"My cups were B" -FOR THE TIDE BEING- {a poem}

I can't figure out why this poem hasn't made it into any of the big anthologies. Well, I accept a life of ignominy with my usual genial disillusion. Read and then tell me your life hasn't been changed by Sarah Sarai. And no, I am not posting it to fulfill my ongoing need for content. I don't think it has any.

For the Tide Being
I was adrift
5 billion years
& then I swept ashore
w/ a jig & a tra
& a Ain’t I
Miss La De Da
The sand was firm,
my legs were not,
upon the moundy beach 
w/ a ho & a heave           
& a In your cups,
My cups were B,
I cleaved to earth:
o! sandy Mama Dear
w/ a cry & a whoop
& a Worried
I’m all wet? 
Of for and by Sarah Sarai. Written in the previous century, but latish, like the 1998s.
...The delightful illustration is from the Cairo newspaper Al-Ahram Weekly and part of a series illuminating the fiction of Nagib Mahfouz (who won a Nobel in 1988).

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