Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Little Night Bullshit

When dust clears or settles and I take the time to study a current object of my scorn or someone I insist has caused me pain, has hurt me, I realize all I am doing is blaming that person for being themselves, to wit: the idiot they are, the person who doesn't care about me and never did, the narcissist, the egotist, the disinterested. I am talking people I know, who act exactly as they have forever, but me, despite my insight and intelligence remains unaware - that's who they are and who they were and who they will be. If I'd hold off on my indignation and hurt, in other words IF I DIDN'T RESPOND SO QUICKLY, I'd see, over time, I was arguing the anteater out of the anteater - why anteater? Arguing that the tiger bites that the vulture hovers and dives that the snake bites and so does the shark. Oh yes. The shark. Dust doesn't settle quickly. 

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