Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chronic need for sleep thwarts blogger's blogging

Owing as last night this blogger ("yours truly") slept not enough and furthermore owing as this very night is the occasion for said yours truly to catch up (as if) (see: Xeno's Paradox) because tomorrow is another day (talk about chronic, jeeze, if it isn't Monday, it's Tuesday, if it isn't Thursday (which it is but whatever) it's Friday (which it will be, like that impresses anyone).

Or, it is what it is. That's my philosophy and I'd put it in a nutshell if I were a carpenter.

So I am not blogging more as of this moment herein right now though not to be believed in perpetuity merely in the moment. But let it be known throughout the land by all of my many fan, that I herein live up to my promise that I (yours truly) am blogging every day in June (thank God for 30 days). (Next time I so declare it'll be February.) (Did I mention the chicken in every pot?)

Night'all. Night'll. Knightel. Sarah "yours truly" Sarah

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  1. I misspelled my own name. For the record: Sarah Sarai