Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guest poem (came in the mail) (Arthur Tulee)

My friend Arthur Tulee lives in Seattle. He runs. He writes. He sends poems by way of post card. This is time honored. Even with e-mail, poems and other works of art are being mailed, artist-to-artist, around the country, the globe, every day.

What a nice image, luminescence in the hands of postal workers. Shining trajectories of joy, stamped wisdom here and there and there. Here is Arthur's poem. I received it on Saturday.

If you live in precarious circumstance
long enough this too becomes a comfort
an achievement of pride
a sign of an iron mind
an iron spirit and iron gut

And we are all iron
raw rude metal
poured into molds of broken
burning earth by starfire

We walk as iron
we breathe as iron
we love as iron
we die as iron

Arthur Tulee, June 2010

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