Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poem: Microscopia (the reasonably unpublished)

It is easy puzzle over editorial choices, why one poem and not another gets accepted. The following poem, however, has never been submitted to any journal, and I feel okay about that. While I take dibs on coining "greasium" (and I sense posterity will vindicate my claim), I take nary a dib on being the first to poeticize Van Leeuwenhoek, because I can't imagine that to be the case. He invented the crochet needle, after all. I'M KIDDING. He was the father of microscopy owing as he made slick choices in fashioning a microscope, which, considering the Dutchman's early business as a fabric merchant (I'M NOT KIDDING), is especially impressive. See the link at bottom.

Miscellanea: "I'm Not a Waitress" is indeed a cool and flashy shade of red nail polish; Opi. Was everyone as thrilled to learn of cilia as I was, in early years? Cilia. I wish it meant more than it does (the silk cilia of her scarf tantalized all the women in the bar) but am happy it's around.


I am a paramecium
who slops on gobs
of greasium

So my cilia don’t
dangle or get into
a tangle.

I moisturize
my cuticles
to make them look
more beautifuls

And paint
“I’m Not a Waitress”
on my fingertips.
good gracious.

Van Leeuwenhoek
discovered me,
through primitive

But never brought me
candy, or told me,
“You look dandy.”

...Sarah Sarai, Herself
On Van Leeuwenhoek:

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