Thursday, June 13, 2013

King Pellinore and King Vidor - Together at Last

My goblet is half full, my stomach overfloweth. The sword is stoned, Excalibur is just another butter knife. King Pellinore and King Vidor - together at last. My glass is one and three-quarters full, my fullness overfloweth. Vitality is derivative? Schopenhauer doesn't own a glass. Will Smith owns many. Keira Knightley requested an agent when she was 3. She begged for a publicist and a cookie the next day. Minute on the lips/month on the hips - Joan Crawford said that. Minutes turn into months, months turn in early. Discipline offers pleasure. Pleasure brings tears to my eyes. But where to store it? One day all this will be yours. One day a lawyer will object. Never you mind. Always are you lifted. You are already home.

[Sarah Sarai, June 13, 2013] [written because you're not quitting] [written because] [written written written, isn't that enough?]

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