Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Mel-Mel's Mind Works: I Had Fun With This One!

Not Tarzana but an echo of.
Okay. So here's the deal. Mel-Mel doesn't like sharing, not ongoings of her life, not with strangers, i.e., occasional workmates. Not unless the ongoings are stored in a pink plastic folder she can pull from her purse, ta dah. Not unless they are her ice skates and she can tell her pudgy, finger-in-the nose classmates about the rink in Tarzana. Which abuts Encino. Which whistles to Sherman Oaks. And there's North Hollywood going cheek-to-cheek with Burbank. This train of thought is going loop-de-loop, a description of a thought's rotation in the heavenly spheres of the conscious-ish mind. She likes pictures in frames. Narratives are pictures. But the personal is not framed. It romps wild in dreams and echoes in chambers of the heart of a judge. So now Mel-Mel is in trouble because this workmate has hurt feelings. Mel-Mel is nervous because there are always consequences in her awkward life. Every inaction rates an action in her life. Mel-Mel has too logical a mind to understand her workmate's locker of hurt feelings.

[Sarah Sarai, June 8, 2013] [written because she wishes she were different but she's not] [written because so what iimperfection is revealed] [written because she likes feeling relieved] [written because writing is the best]

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