Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yet There Is Not Enough Kindness to Match its Luminous Gift

Beautiful calligraphy, isn't it. A book cover, I believe. It means life is flow and confusion, it means all four suits in the deck are neutral and your cunning only will win the day, it means there is no winning and yet there are losses, it means new is old, it means the sword will out the heart, it means two brothers united are humbled by the mighty but not defeated, it means no defeat, it means the sky is bigger than you conceive it and still there is not enough kindness in the world to match its luminous gift, it means you'll never know what it means unless you read Arabic and even then four wise women in the desert night have mapped out your path. Do you know it? Can you find them. Can you walk your mapped-out path?
[Sarah Sarai] [written to keep me sane] [written to fool jinns of depression] [written to celebrate this book cover found on the web]

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