Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Wise Woman Senses a Friend Is Watching

Andes, Peru. Amber Frances O'Hara (photographer)
Are you seeking? If you find, were you then lost, or, different, insatiable? To be insatiable is to be scrambling or a delicate oddity or a searcher on her odyssey and finder of strange and new lands? The judgment of value faintly waivers. To be insatiable is your royal line. Insane hungers. Impossibilities. Hey, things go wrong. Mountainous doesn't define that hoist of a natural will. Beauty is deafening. Phospherize for clarification. The final peace is terror. The joyous know the path. The smug will tell you how to climb. The wise woman senses a friend is watching. You are far away, always arriving. You are not the messenger. You are not the message. You are the king, you are the queen, you are willing to receive.

[Sarah Sarai, June 5, 2013] [written because we should worship the range] [written to aggravate depression] [written] [breathless]

Amber Frances O'Hara: For more information on this photographer, please visit her website.

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