Friday, June 12, 2009

How Cool Is This? Poetry. The Shield.

So tonight I'm going to hear a fine local poet, Michael Graves, talk on James Wright's
Let Us Gather at the River. And he's going to lecture at

a diner. How cool is that. In my life? Cool. Also cool is that I watched, via Netflix, all of the seventh season of

The Shield, about this lying, cheating, scheming charismatic L.A. cop played by Michael Chiklis. The Shield got me because I cannot resist

cop shows and have even less resistance to cop shows staged in L.A. or New York. The last few episodes were double roasted. Good and bad cops played by terrific actors allowing momentous feelings of betrayal, hatred, love, botched loves on their solid faces. They're not about being pretty boys or girls. They are about strength in art.

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